“One of the cool things about the university (I’m not saying that this is the only place where this happens, but it is a place where this happens) is that every day that you go into your classroom, you have a chance not to issue the call to order, and then to see what happens. And the goddamn president of the university is not going to knock on your door talking about, ‘how come you didn’t issue the call to order?'”

Fred Moten, The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study (Stefano Harney & Fred Moten)

Spheres of poetry

I’ve been thinking about poetry being secluded in Academe lately. A brief discussion about this occurred in Issues in the Profession yesterday and got me thinking about it. I think of poetry as existing in a couple spheres, the local slam scene (i’m being woefully general) and the academic scene.

What bothered me about the conversation in 605 yesterday was that it seemed like there is this assumption that poetry’s only home is in the university, whether it is a place for it to flourish or to be smothered I can’t say. I go back and forth. I think it is very important for the poetry communities within universities and in the community to somehow communicate. These communities seem very much blind to one another.

So here’s an article from rattle



And other article I stumbled across when googling “stupid questions people ask poets” –the accompanying poem was a total failure.


This seems to suggest a was to overcome the inaccessibility of poetry or the idea of this closed community to bring the value of poetry into a more public situation.


First-time full throttle pursuit of percents

Differences in normality postsecondary

Pursuit of completion or rate of deletion

Admission is open as our hands


Reaching out and back toward

Expenditures of millions

Half a billion students pursue

Finger-painting hope in

Black Alaska islands.


Draw your districts

Expect to account

The exploits of pursuit

Educational attainment

Fleeting bursts of joy

And hallways of disappointment

Updated Emoticon Flow Chart

ENG 651 Exploit Emoticon Flow Chart

So, I used this software and didn’t realize the logo was going to be EVERYWHERE until I exported it to PowerPoint.  Sigh.

Still in the drafting process, but I think we’re getting closer!


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i slept until noon again

i look like a slut when i force myself to sit up straight
my tits sticking out even farther

google search: why…

not both
is gas so cheap
won’t my cat eat
am i always so tired

google search: do people….

live in antarctica

still use myspace
get morning sickness when not pregnant

“last night i dreamt i walked inside myself
to turn everything off”
i accidentally said out loud once

and everyone rolled their eyes
like i spoiled the ending


(not a part of poem)

*sourced “google search” text found in the poem are the top hits for google searches by the world from phrases “do people…” and “why…”
(this fluctuates by the day, which is interesting, I chose the ones that seem particular to me and my experience)

links to google search: depression in grad school…





This is a crowd-sourced poem (via  facebook) made of responses to the question:

for those who are students, teachers, adjuncts:
What physical effects or health issues do you experience as a result of this kind of work? For example, back pains, shoulder knots, achey joints- anything that shapes your body from all the hours of sitting, carrying heavy books, lack of time to exercise?


It sounds pretty bad

listing it out—

I got a bad slouch

big knots, bum hip


all the heavy things that sit.

I got to crack the joint open

I got to rub the sore eye out.


How it kills you—

the fluorescent light twinkle

the swivel chair that clings,

crying don’t leave me here alone!


Always hunchbacked, headachey.

I have to ice my arm, I have to

remember to stand up.


But this might all be in my head.

My hope tends to bruise

so easily, it takes a beating.

A glass of wine helps that.

Instruction Poem

Teaching Feedback

1. Teach it
2. Taught
3. Repeat two more times
4. The spoonful is the unit of measure
5. Students measure success
6. Spoonfuls measure success
7. Student essays are feedback
8. Line up bowls according to theme
9. Don’t draw lines
10. Read what students feed back
11. It’s cold, microwave it
12. Don’t let it cool
13. Blow on it until you whistle
14. Blow until it moves
15. Let it speckle the bowl’s rim
16. Let it spatter
17. Look, you’ve spilled
18. Keep blowing
19. Students hide the salt & pepper
20. Students hand you a spoon
21. Take the first bite
22. Students are waiting
23. Don’t think about salt or pepper
24. Eat faster
25. Careful, it’s still hot
26. You let it get too hot
27. The utensil looks less like a spoon
28. Yours isn’t the first tongue burned
29. You don’t recognize the spoon
30. Check for grammatical errors
31. Check your drawer
32. It’s empty
33. You think your spoon has been stolen
34. You are a grammatical error
35. These were not your instructions
36. This was a collaboration
37. Students corroborate success
38. Without
39. You

Adjunct & Tenure faculty movement

Attached is a document expressing the movement/circulation/fluidity of adjuncts “passing through” the university compared to the tenured faculty who remain stationary or staples of the university.

Adjucnt_Tenure exploit draft

I’d like to animate this, though, perhaps, using a different symbol for adjuncts other than lemmings. The lemming figures would keep moving or vanish after walking behind the tenure faculty and none would appear to be the same person, because it would focus on the circulation of the position and not the people who occupy that position as “moving up” in any way, only exiting once their time is done. Perhaps there would be differences in what surround the Tenure faculty, who’ll be sitting at desks and looking toward the audience (you), like their attire, coffee, relaxation (though the job doesn’t really lend itself to that disposition, yet it’s more or less to emphasize the stress of adjuncting (and lots of it!) to the ease that a truer position within the university would give, like tenure) perhaps showcasing “wealth” in some way or well-being between the two. If I can get the “lemmings” (adjuncts) to carry stacks of books that might also add to the visual workload and stress of adjuncts and what they must manage while teaching at the university to make a decent income.

an experiment in exploitation